All Shake it up fans will miss this show dearly, once a shake it up fan, always a shake it up fan.

The Disney Channel Series Shake It Up Premiered On November 7th 2010 With the Episode Start It Up. The Series Was The Best Series Anyone Can Ask For. The Dancing Was Incredible And Creative. The Characters Were Fantastic. They Are All Smart And Talented People That Brought Us 3 Amazing Years To Love And Cherish. That Made Us Create A Shake It Up Family But On July 25th,3 Days Before Future It Up, Disney Channel Announced That Shake It Up Will Not Continue For A 4th Season,Which Brought All The Shake It Up Fans To Tears,All Saying Goodbye To the Tv Show Taking Over Twitter, To Fight For A Season 4, E-mailing The Disney Channel Network, And Tweeting To The Shake It Up Stars And Is Never Giving Up The Fight For A Season 4 All Believing That Together Were Strong Enough To Get A Season 4 Or even A Spinoff.On November 10th All Of The Fans Were Devastated When The Series Came To A End ,All Vowing To Stay A Family And To Stay On The Wiki And Keeping The Series In Our Hearts Forever, To Celebrate That The Series Is Still With Us And There's No Goodbye To What We All Loved, The Ships Deucina,Tynka,Rogan,Cogan,Gece,Cy,Runther,And Many More, And all 3 Seasons,The Music,Dances And The Cast Rocky Blue-Zendaya,Cece Jones-Bella Thorne,Ty Blue-Roshon Fegan,Flynn Jones-Davis Cleveland,Tinka Hessenheffer-Caroline Sunshine,Gunther Hessenheffer,-Kenton Duty And Deuce Martinez-Adam Irigoyen And Of Course All Of The Guest Stars On The Show. Even That The Show Is Over Its With All Of Us Forever#ShakeItupForever