Zam, you look... Wow.
Logan to Rocky in I Do It Up
Relationship Information
Between: Rocky Blue
Logan Hunter
Status: Close friends
First Interaction: Oh Brother It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Zendaya
Leo Howard
Cast Ship: Zeo

Rogan is the romantic/friendship pairing of Rocky Blue and Logan Hunter (R/ocky + L/ogan). Rocky and Logan show a friendly connection when they met in the episode Oh Brother It Up, and Logan seems to prefer Rocky than CeCe, and although Rocky and Logan have had a brief relationship due to Logan not appearing in many episodes, this is one of the most popular and supported pairings on the show. In Clean It Up and I Do It Up, Rocky and Logan instead show a romantic connection. The love that has been majorly hinted between them shows that it's highly likely that Rocky and Logan hold feelings for each other. Their love is also forbidden, because CeCe and Ty wouldn't approve of this relationship seeing as they seem to both be very protective of Rocky, however, this may change near future.

This pairing has become very popular, and seeing what romance the Shake It Up writers have done for them, they may consider making them date throughout the series. Rogan is supported by most of the GeCe, Tynka and Deucina fans, and multi shipped by Runther fans.

They are portrayed by Zendaya and Leo Howard.