Yes Ty, I do think I might have met the right guy. I just didn't know it at the time.
— Tinka to Ty in Future It Up
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Relationship Information
Between: Ty Blue
Tinka Hessenheffer
Status: Frenemies
Dated once
Future spouses
First Interaction: Give It Up
Background Information
Portrayed By: Roshon Fegan
Caroline Sunshine
Cast Ship: Rosholine

  Tynka (Ty and Ti/nka) is the romantic pairing of Ty Blue and Tinka Hessenheffer. Ty is a total opposite of Tinka and vice versa. She has mentioned that he's "denim" while she's "sequins." Ty said that Tinka is "A wackjob with good hair." He showed interest in her by asking to go on a second date. They danced together and Tinka kisses Ty on the cheek at the end of their date. In Ty It Up, Ty decided to help out Tinka during the Shake It Up Chicago auditions, and dance with her. Ty may have also wanted to stay on Shake It Up Chicago to be closer to Tinka. And in Loyal It Up, Ty was told that Tinka has a crush on him, and was very pleased about it. Also, Ty and Tinka have a lot of chemistry. Caroline Sunshine, who plays Tinka, has acknowledged this couple on her Twitter, saying that her favorite episode is when Ty and Tinka went on a date. Caroline Sunshine has also tagged "Tynka" on Twitter. It has also been confirmed that Ty would be dating one of the main characters in season 3. It was revealed that it was, in fact, Tinka, we they finally come together in Future It Up. This relationship is very popular, and supported by most of the GeCe, Reuce, Deucina, DeCe, Runther, Rogan, and Cogan shippers.

They are portrayed by Roshon Fegan and Caroline Sunshine

Tynka MomentsEdit

Season 1Edit

Give It UpEdit

  • Ty laughs at Tinka's joke about Deuce's hair needing "a little help".
  • Tinka walked up to Ty (And Deuce) smiling.
  • When Tinka was talking to Ty (And Deuce) she was smiling as if she couldn't help it.
  • As Gunther was talking, Ty was still looking at Tinka.
  • When Tinka was talking it looked like Ty was looking at her smiling a little.
  • Ty wanted to know what Tinka (And Gunther) were dancing for.
  • Tinka went to Deuce instead of Ty saying his hair could use a little help.

Add It UpEdit

  • Tinka and Ty go on a date.
  • Tinka and Ty dance together.
  • While they are dancing they are obviously having fun.
  • Ty asks Tinka out on a second date.
  • Tinka said she would think about going on a second date, but it probably wouldn't work out because they're total opposites.
  • Ty was willing to give back the 50 bucks Gunther gave him, and he apologized about taking the money.
  • Tinka says that Ty was a perfect first date.
  • After Tinka said she will think about going on a second date, she kisses Ty's cheek.
  • Tinka said she wasn't sure about going on another date because they are so different, not because she didn't like him or not want to go.
  • Ty said he would think about a second date, a lot.
  • Ty and Tinka enjoyed the Date.
  • Ty convinced Tinka to dance with him.

Age It UpEdit

  • When Gunther asks out Danielle, you could see Ty and Tinka standing together in the background.
  • When Gunther told Ty he couldn't hang out with him because he had a cheerleader, Ty was left upset. That's when Tinka stepped in to scold Gunther because he was being rude. (Maybe Ty specifically).
  • When Tinka walked away in the same direction as Ty. Maybe to find Ty and cheer him up.

Break It UpEdit

  • When Ty and Gunther swapped clothes, Tinka was checking Ty out and CeCe was checking Gunther out.
  • When Ty and Gunther swapped clothes, Ty and Tinka had matching outfits.
  • When Gunther said, "Ty looks good, don't you think?", Tinka was smiling and nodding.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 Opening SequenceEdit

  • The scene from Add It Up where Ty and Tinka are dancing is on the theme song. This shot from season 1 that was carried over into the next season. This could possibly hinting them getting together later in the show.

Camp It UpEdit

  • Ty and Tinka play ping-pong together.
  • Ty didn't want to hurt Tinka with the "zing-pong" technique.
  • Tinka spent most of her day with Ty, just because she wanted him to "buff up" his "male pride".
  • Ty and Tinka looked like they were having fun together.
  • Ty looked scared and nervous when he hit Tinka with the Zing pong technique.
  • Tinka was joking around in a fun way with Ty.
  • Ty seemed inpressed that Tinka could beat him.

Split It UpEdit

  • Tinka was smiling when she saw Ty on TV.

Whodunit UpEdit

  • Tinka put a note in Ty's locker
  • Ty thought Tinka was his secret admirer.
  • When he 'figured out" that was "Tinka", he seemed happy.
  • When Ty saw Tinka walk by with the note in her hands, he looked really happy about it.
  • Ty went up to tinka saying "Tinka, Tinka, Tinka. I guess the secret's out" while smiling.
  • Tinka knows that Ty uses way too much body spray
  • Tinka has been around Ty even in seventh grade she says.
  • Deuce told Tinka that she was Ty's secret admirer and Ty was like "Yeah" in a laughing happy sort of way.
  • When Tinka said it wasn't her, Ty was upset.
  • Tinka wanted to help Ty find a girl so he could be happy.

Reality Check It UpEdit

  • Ty made it clear that he disapproved when Rocky said that Tinka made her want to throw up; defending Tinka.

Made in JapanEdit

  • Deuce asked Ty when he was going to settle down with one girl. This could have been foreshadowing that Ty would get together with Tinka later in the series.

Season 3Edit

Ty It UpEdit

  • Ty and Tinka dance together.
  • Ty and Tinka hug when they're done dancing.
  • Ty changes his mind about wanting to be on Shake It Up, Chicago!, possibly so he can get closer to Tinka.
  • One of the reasons Ty auditioned with Tinka could be because he felt sorry for her that Gunther left.
  • Tinka thanks Ty for dancing with her so she would get in and then hugs him.

I Do It UpEdit

  • Ty asks Tinka for advice, and unlike when Flynn asked, she answered it.
  • Tinka looked shocked, horrified, and jealous when CeCe said that she kissed Ty.

Forward & Back It UpEdit

  • When Phil walks into rehearsals, Ty and Tinka (and CeCe on the right) bump into each other pretending to be bad dancers.
  • If Rocky wasn't sitting between them, Ty and Tinka would have been sitting next to each other at Crusty's.
  • When Tinka says hi to Phil, Ty is looking at her the whole time she is talking, smiling a little.
  • Ty and Tinka are standing next to each other watching Rocky save Phil's life.
  • When Ty comes back from talking to Phil before Rocky's audition, Tinka is the only one to go over and stand next to him.
  • Tinka puts her hand on top of Ty's before they all scream "Team Rocky!".
  • At some point of the episode, it seems like Ty's arms were around Tinka.
  • Tinka volenteers to go get Ty when they are about to pretend that Ty is Rocky.
  • Tinka puts her hand on Ty's back when they are pretending he is Rocky.

Switch It UpEdit

  • Ty chose Tinka to be one of the featured dancers, despite the fact that, unlike CeCe (who kissed up to him) and himself (who, well, is him), Tinka really did nothing to deserve it, .
  • At the end, Ty and Tinka are kneeling close to each other.

Opposites Attract It UpEdit

  • When Ty says 'I guess opposites really do attract.', he could have been referring to Tinka, because she is opposite to him.

Future It UpEdit

  • When Ty first saw Tinka, he smiled widely.
  • Ty was constantly trying to hide his stomach when Tinka was around.
  • Ty tried to impress Tinka by bragging about his occupation.
  • Ty said that its been 20 years, but Tinka was still as pretty as ever.
  • Tinka was surprised, but happy that Ty thought she was pretty in high school.
  • Ty said he couldn't believe Tinka never married.
  • When Flynn called Ty when he was talking to Tinka, she got rid of the phone.
  • After she got rid of his phone, she asked Ty what he was saying, while smiling widely.
  • After Ty left, talking on the phone with Flynn, Tinka said that she did find the right guy.
  • Ty and Tinka waved to each other in the hallway.
  • Ty and Tinka had a conversation about knowing each other for a long time and about neither of them being married.
  • Ty was about to ask Tinka something before his phone rang.
  • They both seemed upset that Flynn called and interrupted again.
  • They both seemed upset that Flynn wanted Ty to come back to San Diego right away.
  • Ty quits being Flynn's assistant and asks Tinka if she wants to get married with him.
  • Tinka said that she'd love to marry him, but that they should probably do a trial date first to see if it works out.
  • While Rocky and Cece are talking about the friendship, you can see that behind Cece, Ty and Tinka are doing a hand shake, or playing thumb war.
  • Ty was seen feeding Tinka desserts.
  • At the end of the episode, Ty and Tinka were holding hands.

Oui Oui It UpEdit

  • Tinka came into Crusty's, excited to talk to Ty.
  • She seemed upset/annoyed that Ty didn't want to talk to her at the moment.
  • Tinka didn't want to get out of the seat, that happened to be next to Ty.
  • She was a bit annoyed that Ty (and Deuce) keep on laughing, even though the French girl wasn't saying anything funny.
  • Tinka tried to warn Ty about the girl being annoying.
  • Near the end of the episode, Ty admitted that Tinka was right about the French girl being annoying.

My Bitter Sweet 16 It UpEdit

  • Ty and Tinka are together at Crusty's mostly the whole during the episode.
  • Ty laughed at Tinka's joke about Deuce losing his dignity.
  • At the party, Ty and Tinka are seen dancing together in the background, when Rocky is talking to her mom.
  • Ty and Tinka were partners during the dance performance at the party.

Stress It UpEdit

  • In the first scene, Ty and Tinka were standing next to each other.
  • Ty and Tinka both needed Rocky's help at Crusty's.
  • Ty called Tinka's support hotline, thinking it would help him with his tutor.
  • Tinka wasn't happy after Rocky snapped at Ty through the phone.

Loyal It UpEdit

  • Rocky and Cece told Ty that Tinka has a crush on him.
  • Ty seemed very happy at the idea of Tinka liking him, and couldn't stop smiling.
  • Ty said he was surprised it took her so long to recognize his game.
  • After he "found out" Tinka liked him, he went over to the mirror to fix his hair, wanting to look good for her.
  • Ty is flirting with Tinka throughout most of the episode.
  • Ty told Tinka that the sparkles she was wearing really brought out the sparkle in her eyes.
  • Ty was happy to think Tinka was playing "hard-to-get", and said that she had it bad.
  • At the end of the dance performance, Ty and Tinka were standing next to each other.
  • At Crusty's, Ty asked Tinka out on a second date.
  • When Ty said "I know you got a thing for me.", He was smiling wide.
  • Ty seemed to like the, "I Heart TYtanic" gift that "Tinka made".
  • Tinka was surprised to see the gift, and that her a Ty were in the "King of the World" pose.
  • After showing her the gift, Ty sat down next to Tinka, with a big grin on his face.
  • This episode hints that Ty may like Tinka, and doesn't mind the idea of them as a couple.
  • Despite her reaction to the gift that was supposedly from her, Tinka seemed more suprised and shocked than annoyed.

Remember MeEdit

  • In the first scene, Ty and Tinka were standing next to each other in the background.
  • During the group hug near the end of the episode, Ty and Tinka's arms were touching.
  • If Dina wasn't standing between them during the group hug, Ty and Tinka would have had their arms around each other.

Episodes with a Tynka Plot/Subplot Edit

  • Add It Up: Ty & Tinka go on a date.
  • Camp It Up: Ty & Tinka play ping-pong together.
  • Ty It Up: Ty & Tinka dance together.
  • Future It Up: Ty and Tinka realize that they might have missed out on something in high school-each other.
  • Oui Oui It Up: Tinka tries to warn Ty that the French girl that he's crushing on, is annoying.
  • Loyal It Up: Ty thinks Tinka has a crush on him and flirts with her throughout the episode.

Tynka FanonEdit

Tynka Fanon

Tynka Colour: Blue = Ty's surname, and Tinka's colour dress on their date. (see Add It Up). Tynka Number: 4 = Episode number of their 1st date. Tynka Food: Pickles = Their first date was the Pickle Museum Tynka Day: November 28th = Original air date of the episode "Add It Up" Tynka Instrument: Alto saxophone = The instrument that was playing when they danced. (see "Add It Up") Tynka Sport: Ping-Pong = The sport they played in Camp It Up. Tynka Fans' Offical Name: Tynkarinas Tynka BOSS Gunther Hessenheffer= In Add It Up he chose Ty not Deuce or someone else, not? Tynka Animal Kittens = Tinka was "Bursting" kittens when Ty asked Tinka out on a date. Tynka SIU Soundtrack After Party = The people who portray Ty and Tinka, Roshon Fegan and Caroline Sunshine, sang this song together. Official Tynka Song: 'Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars' = Even with all the glitter and how weird Tinka is, Ty loves her for who she is. Tynka Official Roleplayers (Dating): @MsHessenheffer @xxTyBlue = On twitter. Tynka RP on tumblr (Gf and Bf)

Tynka QuotesEdit

Add It UpEdit

  • Ty: You. Me. Date. Saturday night.
  • Ty: Wow. You look.....not ridiculous!
  • Tinka: Right back at ya!
  • Tinka: I didn't know you danced.
  • Ty: There's a lot you don't know about me. (Holds out hand) Dance with me.
  • Tinka: Thank you Ty. I had fun tonight.
  • Ty: Me too. I did. Really.
  • Tinka: You were perfect first date!
  • Ty: So..... you wanna go out again?
  • Tinka: I don't know. We are so different. I am sequins, you are denim. I am gold shoes, you are high tops.
  • Ty: Well maybe you can think about it.
  • Tinka: I will. (Kisses Ty on the cheek and goes into her apartment)
  • Ty: I'll think about it too. A lot.

Camp It UpEdit

  • Tinka: I'll play with you.
  • Ty: Really? Have you played before?
  • Tinka: Oh I'm sure I can figure it out.
  • Ty: Alright. But I don't want any tears.
  • Tinka: Now now. I don't want any tears.
  • Ty: What do you mean!? You told me-
  • Tinka: Ah, just kidding! Best two out of three?

Whodunit Up?Edit

  • Ty: Tinka, Tinka, Tinka. So, I guess the secrets out.
  • A little to nicey-nice for me, but perfect for you!

Ty It UpEdit

  • Tinka: Oh mother of goat! Thank you! You too Ty!

Future It UpEdit

  • Ty: 20 years, and you're still as pretty as ever.
  • Tinka: You thought I was pretty in high school? I mean, I thought I was pretty, but I didn't know you did.
  • Ty: I'm just surprised you didn't marry.
  • Tinka: Well sometimes I wonder if there's anyone out there who's right for me.
  • Ty: You ever wondered if you've already met the right person, and you just didn't know it at the time. (Phone starts ringing) I have to get this, it's Flynn. (to Flynn) Hey Flynn, yea--
  • Tinka: (grabs Ty's phone and puts it away) You were saying? (smiles widely)
  • Ty: (other phone starts ringing) You didn't think Flynn would let me have just one phone, did you? (to Flynn) Hey Flynn. (walks away from the table)
  • Tinka: (looking at him sadly) Yes Ty, I do think I've met the right guy. I just didn't know it at the time.
  • Ty: Hey ehhh Tinka. S-So I was thinking...
  • Tinka: So was I, ehh... We've known each other a long time, and--
  • Ty: Yeah, yeah! And neither one of us is--
  • Tinka: No, we're not!
  • Ty: So I was just wondering if you would maybe wanna--
  • Tinka: (smiling widely) Yes Ty...?
  • Ty: I'm going to get married! (looks at Tinka) You do want to marry me right?
  • Tinka: I'd love to! But don't you think we should do a trial date first and see how it goes?
  • Ty: Works for me. (Takes Tinka's hand)

Oui Oui It UpEdit

  • Tinka: Ty! I want to discuss this week's Shake It Up Chicago. I was thinking since Rocky and Cece are away I could do one of the spotlight dances-
  • Ty: I'm a little busy right now. And so is that chair. You mind?
  • Ty: I like this long, skinny, fun fork. I feel like a giant!
  • Tinka: More like a giant tool!
  • Ty: Isn't Brigitte great?
  • Tinka: Oh yes! Except have you noticed that she starts every sentence with, "In France! In France we do this! In France, we have that!" Well in old country we have a term for people like her. Annoying!
  • Ty: Come on Tinka, your crazy. She doesn't do that.
  • Tinka: Trouble in paradise? Or should I say, in France? (Evil Laugh)
  • Tinka: Oh hello Ty! Where's Frenchy?
  • Ty: Yeah you were right about her. She is annoying. I have to end it. I know it's going to break her heart, but it's the way to go.

Loyal It UpEdit

  • Rocky: Tinka has a crush on you.
  • Ty: (smiles widely) Really?
  • Cece: Oh yeah! Big crush! Elephant stepping on hard boiled egg sized crush!
  • Ty: Oh well, I'm a little surprised… that it took her so long to recognize my GAME!
  • Ty: Tinka. May I just say, the sparkles your wearing really bring out the sparkle in your eyes.
  • Tinka: And may I just say, you body spray really brings out the breakfast from my stomach.
  • Ty: Playing "hard-to-get", huh?
  • Tinka: No, playing "get-away-from-me"!
  • Ty: Oh yeah, she's got it bad!
  • Ty: So Tinka. Me and you. This weekend. I'm thinking dinner and a show.
  • Tinka: Only if you drop off the dinner and show yourself out the door.
  • Ty: Oh Tinka. Drop the act. I know you got a thing for me!
  • Tinka: (laughs) Oh poor soft headed Ty! Where would you get an idea like that?
  • Ty: Cece and Rocky told me. Oh! They also gave me the gift you made.
  • Tinka: What? (takes gift) The "I Heart TYtanic"? Oh my goodness! Is that you and me in the iconic "King of the World" pose?
  • Ty: (sits next to Tinka with a big smile)
  • Tinka: Where's a zip-line when you need one?